Safety Switches Save Lives

Safety Switches Save Lives

safety firstDid you know that each year many Australians are killed in preventable electrical accidents and even more are hospitalised with severe burns or other injuries? The frustrating thing is that these deaths and injuries can almost certainly be prevented with the installation of safety switches.

Many Australian homes and businesses do not have up to date safety switches installed on their circuits. Most premises are still installed with out-dated fuse or circuit breaker protection, meaning that under the circumstance of electrical shock to humans or pets these devices may take anywhere from 4-6 seconds to trip or even worse may not even trip at all.

An electric shock of just a few milliamps can stop the heart, causing death.

With electrical appliances being such a big part of our everyday lives, electrical safety should be in high consideration. Thankfully the current technology of RCD safety switches saves lives.

Cost effective ways to install these devices allow you, your friends, family and employees to live and work at the safest possible standards giving you in peace of mind.

It is now law that all business premises must have RCD safety switches installed for the safety of employees with a three-monthly safety switch testing roster held on site at all times. Without this, businesses may face hefty fines under WH&S regulations.

To help you understand the dangers involved in old style fuses, circuit breakers and unprotected circuits, Kelso Electrical is offering a free inspection of your switchboard and premise. After the inspection you will receive a report explaining the type of protection you have and the improvements (if any) that you require in order to meet current standards and ensure your home or business premises operates in the safest possible environment.

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